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Investing in an in-house IT department can be costly, and hourly bills from freelancers can be unpredictable. Pivvr IT offers a cost-effective alternative by providing comprehensive managed IT services at a set monthly cost. Say goodbye to unexpected IT expenses and hello to budget-friendly, transparent pricing.

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Cost Effective

Our monthly services are tailored to your needs

Affordable alternative to in-house IT departments and hourly freelancers. Our monthly services are tailored to your needs with transparent and budget-friendly pricing

24/7 Dedicated Support

Around the clock technical support ensures prompt resolution

Our non-stop technical support ensures every issue receives prompt resolution, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Custom Software

Achieve your vision through technology tailor made just for you

Innovation is crucial to staying in business in any market. We provide the expertise to achieve your vision through technology tailor made for you.

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Company Management Software

The Pivvr dashboard offers one place for you to manage everything in your business.
From employment, to sales, projects, and asset tracking. Unlike other management software, the Pivvr dashboard is fully customizable to fit your unique needs.



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